Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Okay. I’m back to using Blogger’s interface which I hate. There’s something wrong with Blogo that it can’t post photos again, maybe since the last iOS upgrade. Sigh. Poor programmers. They just managed to fix the last glitch.

ANYHOO, I actually got a photo to work:

I’m laughing because I’m trying to locate my Inner Diva! I’m not sure I have one? Yoo-hoo!! DIVA! I need lessons.

I finally figured out how to attach my iPad to my tripod without removing the new cover which is a PITA. So perhaps there will be more OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) photos. Of course it’s so dark around here with all the rain that artificial lighting is necessary.

All me-mades of course, including my Abotanicity Tunic (dress actually) from 2011 over my Cherry Brown Dress and Baggy Black Sweats. The oldest items are my socks from circa 2007 (DGB Confetti was good yarn, people!) and the youngest is my Midnight On Catalina Shawl from 2016. Plus my new Birkenstocks.

So now supper is ready and I have to let this one go. There’s more! Tomorrow.


Sharon in Surrey said...

Yes, I remember DGS Confetti very well - I think I may just have a couple of balls marinating in the stash somewhere. Lovely stuff, good colors & wears forever sort of like Regia & Kroy sock yarns. Glad to see you can post a photo again too. I missed you. The coat looks good on you - I think I can almost see it . . . . . . .

Susan said...

I use Bloggers interface for posting and rarely have any problems with either posting or adding pictures. Ten years and counting so.... it works!

:) Susan

pao said...

Yay, pictures of what you're wearing! You look so warm and cozy too. Looking forward to seeing more of you.