Friday, April 13, 2018

Back & Forth: From The Garden To The Studio

Hello! Another rainy day. I’d use it to play in the studio but we’re taking his mom to lunch. At least lunch is in the garden store! I need to pick up more seedling soil. I used all I had up on these babies:

There’s more under the lights because it’s too cold to put them out. And I haven’t even started the squash and cukes yet.

However, in between the rain I managed to get my peas finally in and yesterday I dug a couple of beds and got the potatoes in:

Four more beds to go and we’re not even talking about the dye garden yet. So late this year and it’s not even because we were away for a month in February/March. It’s cold and just keeps raining too much. Oh well. Stuff will grow and I’ll forget that there ever was a late start.

Meanwhile, I finished my Catch & Release cardi, pattern by Melissa Schaschwary.

The yarn is Cloudborn Fibres wool fingering twist, colour Iron Heather and the knit is very loose and drapy on 5.5mm needles. Like a shawl with sleeves. I love this sweater so much that I’ve barely taken it off since I finished it! This one is going to get lots of wear.

Still mucking about with my patterns. I’m at an impasse with a raglan sleeve top drafted for wovens. I’m not sure how to size down the sleeves to fit me. May have to make a muslin before I can figure it out. Ugh. However if I can get this to fit I’ll have a raglan TNT that I can hack into different styles. Stay tuned.

I’ll leave you with this photo of my rhubarb:

Slow spring or not, it’s almost big enough to start picking! Rhubarb sauce for ice cream. Yum. Or my oatmeal porridge. Also yum.


onesmallstitch said...

you have been busy! your rhubarb is ahead of mine. The cardie looks like it will get lots of wear.

Sharon in Surrey said...

First thing up this year was the Rhubarb!!! It even beat the Morning Glory!! Since my knee won't bend enough to let me down to the ground, I'm putting everything into hanging baskets & onto upturned buckets this year - I even found a huge ball of white polypropylene from the 70's, a few big wooden beads & a bell or two to embellish it all. I have plant stands & a few big pots to help me out so I think it's going to be a floral & fern garden this year where I can sit outside & spin.
I like your cardi! Had to go to Ravelry to see how it's made though. I think I have a bin of purple fingering all spun up which might work for something light & airy.

Louisa said...

Thanks for the kind comments on my cardi! Sorry your knee is still a pain, Sharon, but your wee garden sounds like a lovely spot.