Monday, December 31, 2018

Year of Going Deeper

After yesterday’s pondering, I saw a post by David from entitled “Why The Depth Year Was My Best Year”. And of course it resonated with my current situation exactly! He of course started last year so, no surprise, I’m a bit late to the party but it’s not as if this whole subject hasn’t been on my mind for awhile now. The essence for me is that instead of always going for the new thing, take what you already have and explore it in depth. I’ve kind of been heading that way anyhow in trying to use stuff that’s already in the stash, not taking any new classes, buying way less craft books, concentrating on a few skills and not starting so many new projects until the previous ones are finished. I need to take it further though into other areas of my life. I’m pretty good at being in the moment and appreciating where I am right now, but I can always improve, no? Yes! And “divestment” still fits in there as well, just a little less starkly. Got my theme for 2019 now. Thanks, David.

Meanwhile, it’s cold and sunny on this last day of December 2018. Here’s my smiling face and an OOTD for you:

The turtleneck is ancient and faded but it still gets plenty of wear when it’s cold in my house. The baggy pants are nearly as ancient, cheerfully referred to as my Clown Pants. And the sweater is my Licorice Tunic Vest (Ebony by Cristina Ghirlanda) in handspun wool. It’s in aran-weight yarn on big needles and very toasty. I’ll be donning more woollies before heading out for a walk after lunch.

Bye-bye, 2018!!


Melanie said...

You look toasty warm in those clown pants(! ha!) and the toasty tunic vest. I like the idea of a depth year and divestiture. Happy New Year, Louisa.

Louisa said...

Hope yours was happy too, Mel!