Friday, May 06, 2005

My First Post!

OK -- here I am creating my very first blog post! I hope it doesn't go the way of my usual journal keeping. Namely petering off after a few days or weeks to nothing...

Anyway, here goes! You've gotta start somewhere, right?

Just finishing up my Complex Weavers Beads & Interlacements Study Group spring swap pieces. This time the theme was Ethnic Beadwork. It was really interesting to research Greenland beadwork -- even though there isn't much information on it out there. Thanks to Kirsten who read the little book in Danish from Greenland that Julie brought me, I at least had something to go by. I used a design from the Danish magazine article that Kirsten found and made small pieces of netting joined in a circle into rings. They're slightly too big for me to wear but probably will fit others. By the 4th one I was starting to get the hang of getting the right tension and following the pattern. By the 7th one I didn't have to look at the pattern at all! I hope to post a picture when my camera comes back from the shop. It was nice to actually finish something for a change.

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