Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day Musings

I've always dreaded Mother's Day. Silly, I know -- but it never seemed like it was a day for me but for our moms instead. We always had to rush around and make sure each mom was visited and showered with flowers, cards and affection. However, today I get to putter around as I please with my only duty a couple of phone calls made and received. Thom's mom is busy with his brother's family, my b-mom is far enough away that a phonecall is expected, and a-mom doesn't care what day it is so I'll go see her tomorrow as usual. Celeste already called me with my MD greetings before she headed for her Carribean Cruise. There's still Simon, but I'm sure he's busy with Bronwen's first Mother's Day. I'll hear from him eventually. This is nice! My kind of Mother's Day.

Craft Report
Darn! I think I'm running out of the fat yarn for a-mom's slipper socks. I was hoping to have them done for tomorrow but I may be running to Birkeland Bros first and hoping they still have some of that colour in stock. Oh well, she's getting a lot of wear from my first 2 pairs. Knitting on this very thick yarn makes my hands hurt. She won't be getting another pair anytime soon. If I'm lucky, she won't need them.

Thom is still working on annealing all the beads he's made so far (except the ones I've already used in projects). It seems to strengthen them quite a bit which was proved when he dropped one on the basement floor and it bounced! I have to wait for them all to be done before I can use any more. I'm now sorry I didn't take Thom up on the invitation to go to Mountain Gems yesterday but the headache just wasn't conducive to happy shopping. I can never make decisions or remember what I'm supposed to be buying with a migraine.

My plans for today mostly include putting away all the papers and tools in my study so I can get on with my work without all the clutter. Vacuuming might be a good idea too before the dust dinosaurs take over!

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