Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Quiet Evening's Pondering

Gee, I think I might be getting into this blogging thing! Of course, I haven't let anyone read anything yet, not even Thom. I'm sure I will eventually but I feel like this is just for me so far. One day I'll let the rest of the world in.

Craft Report
I went to Dressew today to get a zipper for the Fuzzy Hoodie and wow! there are a lot of zippers to choose from. Isles of them! Luckily they're all labelled and arranged by colour and length and type or I would be there still trying to choose one. I needed a separating zipper of course for the front of the hoodie and I managed to find the exact shade of purple so it almost disappears. Tomorrow I sew the zipper in place. I'm much too tired tonight to do a good job.

I never realized before how lucky I am to have Dressew as a resource for just about anything to do with sewing. It might not be in a nice part of town and they might not take credit cards, but they have a great selection. My $2 zipper ended up costing me more like $30 after I found a few more "must-haves" to get while I was there! Maybe it's a good thing they don't take plastic. A limitation is a good thing.

Here's a link to the pattern that I used for my hoodie at Sleeveless Sweatshirt with Hood. I used the pattern almost exactly as written (very odd for me) for the medium size but used smaller needles which actually gave me a slightly larger gauge. With handspun yarn you have to expect things to work out a little differently than the original. Considering my yarn is nothing like the cotton tape yarn called for, I'm lucky to get even close to the right sized sweater!

The other work I did today was knit on my acid yellow/denim blue/lime green and white spots socks that I haven't touched for months. It was a perfect project to take to work on while waiting for busses and in the guild meeting. I got most of the leg on the second sock done. It felt really nice to work on this instead of Estarisa's grandbaby sweater. Playing hookey? I'm at a point in the sweater where I need to concentrate so it isn't exactly mindless portable knitting. Am I making excuses here? I knit because I want to. Period. Don't need no stinking exuses!

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