Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Another Rainy Day

Boy, are my arms tired today! Kiera is such a cute little bundle of granddaughter but she is getting very heavy. Especially when she spent 45 minutes sleeping in my arms and I didn't dare try to put her down. I need a hot shower and a major massage. And Kiera needs to learn how to walk!

On the Lapidary Journal Project, I've gotten about halfway through. It's taking much longer of course than I imagined. Placing the magazine, scanning, cropping, printing all takes time though I'm getting more efficient. I'm still restricted by the speed of the electronic equipment and the strength of my arms! Then there's putting all those pages away. Opening and shutting binders hurts my hands and arms. Hmmm...I'm detecting a theme here. Maybe I need to do some more strengthening exercises.

On the Hoodie Sweater Project, I've finished knitting all the pieces and now I'm sewing things together. Next is the crochet edging down the fronts, 2 rows of single crochet with the second row worked backwards. I'll try to go downtown tomorrow morning early enough before my guild meeting to find a zipper that will work. Luckily there are several colours to choose from, though the purple is my first choice since it blends in very well. I want to finish this thing soon because I really need to finish Estarisa's grandbaby set. And I really want to knit socks again instead! I haven't dared to try starting something new when I know how darn long it takes me to finish what I've already started.

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