Friday, June 10, 2005

Finally! Pictures!

Fuzzie Hoodie detail

After arm-wrestling with Hello to get it online (darn firewall was keeping it trapped!) I've finally been able to post pictures. Yay! So, here's the one I was trying to get put up back a few weeks ago. Not a great picture — it's a scan of the real thing, done in desperation while my digicam was still in the shop — but it'll do until I get a better one. After all, we're still in the testing phase here!

Craft Report
Not much to say apart from the fact that I'm almost done the baby hat. I plan to complete it today and then assess what I can do for the socks. I've almost run out of the Confetti sock yarn so it may have to serve as the accent yarn rather than the Lanett. Then I need to figure out how big to make the socks so they are in scale with the hat and sweater. This is a much bigger and more tedious project than I thought way back when I started. Luckily I actually like knitting socks.

There's also the monthly Spectrum study group meeting tomorrow. I still have to get some fabric pieces, my plexi "printing plates" and all the sponge brushes, scrapers, rollers etc. ready for more monoprinting play. Hope I'm more into it this time after that disgusting migraine spoiled it last month. Anyway the company is good and the food is excellent!

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