Monday, June 06, 2005

Keeping My Hand In

I don't really have much to write about today, but I thought I'd better do something to keep up the momentum here. Still haven't solved the picture problem, but I'm getting closer to a solution.

Craft Report
I'm in the slow process of sewing the baby sweater (actually toddler-sized) together. One more very long seam to go. It's actually looking quite good though I had a palpitation after discovering the armholes were bigger than the sleeve top. I fudged it in place anyway and pressed it with a hot steamy iron and it looks just fine. Whew! I'm working on the hat at the same time, since it's portable and I don't need the pattern in hand to work on it. It's just like a star sock toe only twice as wide and with 10 decreases around! I also don't have enough of the Confetti yarn to knit the baby socks that Estarisa wants. There might be enough to do yellow socks with the new ball of Lanett and maybe a Confetti toe on them. Or not. I'll have to figure out how big to make the socks to go with the set so Malachy doesn't grow out of them too fast.

Next I have to get back to the original baby set I was making for Kiera almost a year ago now. It may or may not need to be frogged to become something else! I'll wait for a day when I'm feeling very calm and not rushed. I need to assess it with a clear head. I want it to be useful and wearable for another year and that granddaughter of mine just keeps getting bigger! Funny that.

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