Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Gotta Show Off Some Progress

First I want to mention how much fun we had last night. All the kids came over for dinner — a monster turkey that I got free after last Christmas, but without the fixin's. We did low-carb (except for the gravy) with faux-tato salad and a tossed salad with greens and flowers from the garden. I should have taken a picture of the salad with the comfrey and viola flowers glowing on top! It was so pretty. Plus we had wonderful local strawberries with cream for dessert.

Kiera wasn't really into the food, except for the strawberries! Luckily she doesn't seem to be allergic or anything. She's really doing well — had her checkup with the doctor and is wonderful and perfect in every way. Like we didn't know that! She can't quite crawl yet but goes backwards instead, getting more and more frustrated as things get even farther out of her reach. But she can spin around on her bum like a dervish.

Celeste and her sweetie Sean brought their pictures from their recent Caribbean cruise. In a smart move they put all the good ones onto a CD with copies for all the parents and friends. We got the narrative directly from them as Thom showed the pictures as slides on his laptop. I'm sure I'll post at least one or two of the butterfly and scenery pictures when I can get the disk back from Thom's computer. So now Bronwen wants Simon to take her on a cruise too! He kindly gave her the option of a new floor in their townhouse or the cruise. She picked the floor. Smart girl! But of course they're going to have to wait awhile to get the money together for renovations. They've only been in their place less than a year. Easy to count since Kiera was born 5 days before they moved in. She was in a hurry, but only by a couple of weeks instead of 7 1/2 weeks like her dad.

Next Sunday is Father's Day and Bronwen has planned a family picnic at Lion's Park combining Chadwicks and Fairbrothers. Should be fun — we haven't seen her relatives (except her mom) for ages. Hope the weather improves from the current forecast of "cloudy with sunny periods and a chance of rain" which kind of covers all the bases. We're on rain or shine!

Malachi's Almost-Finished Set

I absolutely have to finally show this darn thing off. I've been working on it for so long, it's starting to wear images in my eyeballs! Of course if I actually spent any time actually knitting it would go faster. I'm happy I have only got a sock-and-a-half to go now. Feels like I'm on the home stretch. Notice how uneven the knitting is on the sock leg. If you can see it in this photo you know it's pretty bad. Note to self: never try to fudge the proper gauge by knitting loosely instead of changing needle sizes. I was using my Addi Natura 2 mm dpns which are actually slightly larger than 2 mm but not quite 2.25 mm. I usually get about 9 st per inch with them but I wanted 8 instead. Of course I wasn't consistent in my looser-than-usual knitting! Unfortunately I'll have to do the second sock the same way or they won't have a hope of matching.

I think I figured out what to do about Kiera's sweater that I started way back when. It was in the same pattern, Devan, in bright yellow and red/yellow/orange/green variegated but I just can't bring myself to work on it. I really have the hardest time doing 2 or more of anything! So, I'm going to frog the whole thing and make her a poncho and hat. Mom Bronwen will love it! Better not let her read this blog just yet, eh? Back to knitting the sock.

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