Saturday, July 30, 2005

Another FO!

Yes, they're coming thick and fast — another Finished Object to brag about. Yay! Well I didn't actually have much choice but to get busy in the studio since Thom was on-call for work this weekend and was using my computer for much of the day. (Methinks he needs to get a new one of his own!) I feel good about crossing another thing off the old perpetual list. The second shirt from this same pattern is about 75% done, but I need to change the serger thread to black and I decided to work on another garment that needs the red thread first. It's just such a PITA to change threads and get the serger working properly again. And I don't really want to use red serging on a black and grey shirt, even if it does have a thin red stripe every so often in the weave. So it's on to the tunic from my really vintage pattern (ca 1970's). It's a black and red tiny houndstooth (puppystooth?) and it has a nice woven feel to it. It should be very wearable when the weather cools off again.

Still knitting on the Hooray For Me gloves but since I'm only on the ribbing I won't post a picture just yet. Not much to see! As I usually do with socks, I'm knitting some on one glove and some on the other so I don't have SSS or in this case I guess it's SGS. It's expensive to have 2 sets of double pointed needles the same size but it saves a ton of hassle. With commercial sock yarns I only use one size (2mm) anyway.

One more "on-call day" at home tomorrow. Let's see how much more I can get done when we don't go anywhere! (No long walks; no major shopping trips...) Today I got the top and main floors vacuumed and the kitchen floor mopped. Doesn't sound like much but with the pinched nerve in my neck that's a lot for me in one day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, clicked on your blog, and enjoyed. Am glad you sew for yourself, not many people seem to do that anymore.
I always pile my sewing in stacks for the serger, hate changing threads.
It is sad to see the ones you love go so backwards in mind. It is really draining.Keep in mind that they mostly don't notice.
My husband divorced me when he was eighty-two, and I am still so torn about that. Only the idea that you cannot care for him. It absolutely tires me out.
I have a blogspot, but it is not a very elegant one, I don't have a digital camera, so photo's are sketchy,
Love your stuff, just go on with what you're doing!!