Saturday, July 23, 2005

Long Walk/Short Talk

Well, maybe a shortER talk!

Thom and I had a hankering to go on a long walk today after waking up to a cloudy day. I also woke up with a migraine (yuck) and didn't want to go grocery shopping even though the cupboards are getting like Mother Hubbard's. I'm lucky if I can remember my name with a headache, far less what groceries I need. Anyway, we decided to head north towards downtown. First to Andrighetti Glass so Thom could stock up on some glass rods for his lampwork bead making. He bought clear violet, pale amber, opaque white and black, and some light green opalino which he hasn't tried before. Yummy colours so I'm looking forward to some nice beads. Next we went downtown through the north False Creek area that's building up with new highrises. It's changing so quickly it doesn't feel like our own city anymore but that's good. It's too close to the infamous Downtown Eastside area though. I wouldn't want to live that close to the druggies and street people, but I guess alarm codes and concierges keep the riff-raff at bay. You'd still have to walk by them and sure wouldn't want to do it on my own after dark. Doesn't bother me in daylight however. So we went to Dressew which has a wonderful selection of sewing/costuming supplies. It has a huge area of buttons in tubes which you have to get a saleslady to count out for you. Each tube has a sample of the button on the lid and they're arranged in a loose colour order. It's like beachcombing for treasures! I got the buttons I need for one of my sewing projects, plus some thread. Always need thread. Can't ever have too much.

By now we were starving so we stopped off at White Spot for lunch and I was good and had a chicken caesar salad and tea instead of a Legendary hamburger. This is my favourite burger — even like it better than anything I can make myself. Must be left over from eating them as a Saturday treat when I was a child. So you can see how good I was for not having it. After lunch we headed over to Chapters for the usual magazine hunt. It was good pickings: we each found a couple of new issues in. Since I buy way way more magazines than Thom, I like him to at least feel like he's getting something too.

We walked home over the Cambie Street bridge and right into the grand opening of Best Buy, a huge electronics/entertainment store. It was a zoo with music and facepainting and corn on the cob. We skipped all that but still managed to buy something — a tripod for the digital camera. Now I can try photographing things without the camera wiggling. Tomorrow.

The sun came out, it got hotter, and then we walked home uphill all the way. Like I said: short talk.

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