Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday-Monday Again

How does time go so quickly? Wasn't it Monday just a couple of days ago?

I've been trying to learn more about HTML and playing with the look of my blog. Being totally ignorant about coding, I started with one of the choices that Blogger offered me and — no offense to Douglas Bowman, the designer of the Dots template I chose — now I want to personalize it a bit more. Do let me know if anything looks hinky on your screen. It looks OK to me, but I'll probably be playing with it a bit further before I'm done. I also got nervous about the possibility of losing all my blog entries if suddenly dear Blogger decides not to host them anymore. (You never know!) So I've started to copy them to a Word file so at least I won't lose them entirely if something bad happens. I trust cyberspace about as far as I can kick it.

Yesterday we were working in the garden. I've just about given up on the idea of having any squashes. Why is it you either have way too many zucchinis or none? Next year I'll plant them in a pot to see if that avoids whatever it is that's killing them off. If they survive, they're so stunted they never recover. This problem has been getting worse over the last few years and even killing hundreds of wire worms, it didn't go away. Though I did pick two tiny little cucmbers yesterday. Nothing like I should be getting though.

Craft Report
I was trying to finish the hat to go with the poncho for Kiera's birthday. It's done except for the tassels on the points. I decided to go with corkscrews rather than loopies or pompoms. They take a lot more work to make however! Time-consuming but the pattern is simple enough:

Corkscrew Fringes
Using two needles held together to make looser edge, cast on a number of stitches. I wanted differing lengths of corkscrews so I used 20, 25, and 30 stitches. Turn and triple-increase by knitting into the front, back, and front again of each stitch. Turn and bind off purlwise. If the piece doesn't twist right up, help it along with your fingers.

The hat is going to be really cute! I'll take a picture when I'm done, hopefully this afternoon. I'm about ready to cross another project off my never-ending list! Oh goodie — Spinning Tuesday tomorrow.

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