Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Spinning Tuesday

See this:
This is the yarn I plied today. I did actually spin a wee bit of it, but mostly I just plied from some singles that I'd spun previously on my little toy wheel spindles. The colours are brighter than real life because I took the picture in a patch of evening sunlight on my study floor. Otherwise it would just look uniformly dark and I wanted to see the colours. One ply is from a length of roving that was dye-painted in one of my dye workshops. It's got burgundy, browns, and dark bronzy gold in it. Then I plied it with a black singles that I spun when I was at Fibre Fest this spring. I ran out of the black and since I have no more of the dye-painted roving but do have lots of the black roving, I got out my spindle and kept spinning a bit more black, running out again, spinning a bit more etc. until I had used up all of the painted stuff. It didn't quite fill one of my Louet S90 bobbins which are pretty large. The result is about fingering weight or a little heavier. Don't quite know what I'm going to do with it yet but I'll think of something eventually.

The wee little skein in the front is some leftovers from a skein that I traded for a package of cool metal double-pointed needles that have 4 sizes from 2.25 mm down to 1.5 mm, each set of 5 needles a different colour. This yarn is many leftover colours of Romney wool carded with some hemp noils. It was sitting in singles form on a bobbin so I spun it up to get it out of the way. It's actually very pretty but I only have these few yards left. It was worth it though — I love those needles and you can't get them in Canada. I have lots more hemp noils so I can make more of this type of yarn again some time.

See! I actually participated in Spinning Tuesday and it was productive. Hope I can carry on again next week. Maybe figure out what I'm spinning for too.

The other thing I did today was get my new glasses. Happy dance! They are wonderful and I can see my work and my feet and even the computer screen much better. They're an improvement over my first pair of progressive lenses. They look quite different on me than my black oval frames that I had previously. More "not there" because the frames are very thin and so are the lenses. They're kind of a bronzy mauve or purplish bronze colour tht the optician called "mink". I've seen real mink and they aren't anything like this colour! But it's pretty. I think I have some beads this colour...hmmm... These are my first metal frames for quite a number of years, so we'll see how it copes with my acidic skin. I can turn transparent plastic frames opaque in less than a year. The plastic nosepieces will be the parts to watch for this but at least they're replaceable if necessary. I'm happy. I can see!

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