Friday, July 15, 2005

Where Am I Going Now?

Since it's dark and rainy again today (after we had such a lovely day yesterday too) I thought I'd brighten things up with my lampwork bead collection. I recently spent hours sorting them out after Thom messed them up by annealing the whole collection willy-nilly when we got the new kiln. Can you say "dragon with her hoard"? It was a lot of fun putting collections together and imagining what I would do with them. I can certainly see how far Thom has come since he started lampworking. Not all of the beads in the boxes are his but most are. And you can see a couple of the face cabs I made from polymer clay using a push mould. These are for beaded art dolls.

Which brings me to this little item:

This is Phase1 of my first beaded art doll. She used to be this sweet little dolly that was supposed to become a pin, but she was just way too cutesy for me and I never finished her. I ripped off her blue wool braided hair and glued one of my enigmatic face cabs over her twee little face. Then I glued one of Thom's broken beads on for boobs. She's growing up already! Now I'm looking for coordinating beads to encrust her. She's only about 3" tall so I hope I will finish the project while I still have the momentum going.

Unfortunately, I've got a busy day ahead of me so I hope it stops raining soon. I will explain that I don't drive. I walk, rain or no rain, and adding a few more kilometers to my usual 30 or so that I hoof in a week. I have to go pick out a new set of eyeglasses frames, go to the eye doctor for an upgraded prescription, and then have lunch with darling daughter Celeste. Sushi! So she says her sweetie Sean is bringing over their 17" monitor for me tonight! Yay! It's just taking up space in their apartment after they bought matching 19" flat panel monitors for themselves. This one that I'm using here is only 14" and so old we bought it 3 computers ago. It's good quality (being HP) but I have to scroll to see whole webpage or document widths. Unfortunately my weird eyes don't like flat screens so I'm hoping that the new monitor and my new glasses will be compatible. We'll see! (Pun. Get it?)

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