Friday, August 19, 2005


See my lovely demolished kitchen?It's actually coming along, though Queenie my kitchen spider has left in disgust after a foiled attempt to rebuild her demolished web in the window. (Whether she comes back or not is anybody's guess.) There were a lot of layers of paint on the cupboards so the doors didn't even close properly. Now they're almost finished being stripped and smoothed. However, all the stuff that was in that part of the kitchen is now in here:

So my dining room looks like a flea market! I've been doing the dishes in the bathroom and I'm not even going to show you the kitchen nook. I've just barely got enough space in there to do food prep — for the moment. Until we start on the nook cupboards too. Hopefully, by then I'll have stuff back in the cupboards in the main kitchen so there will be room to move everything around some more. First though we're not even finished the stripping yet. Next step: washing and priming and painting the kitchen. Are we having fun yet?

On the craft front, I obviously haven't had time to do much but I did finish one piece of the kumihimo. It's in the washing machine right now attempting to full it into something I'd want to use for a bag strap. We'll see. Meanwhile I have to set up another warp for the swap samples. I can only fit 2 yards on the bobbins at one time so I can't do it all at once. At least it goes pretty fast once I got my brain around the moves. Who knew that a mere 4 moves could be so hard? I did discover that it takes 6 repeats of the 4 moves to get the colours back to the starting point. This has been kind of fun because I've never heard of anybody fulling kumihimo before. I hope it sparks a few ideas in the swapper's minds.


Anonymous said...

You have my full sympathies for all the hassle, dirt and debris and endless chores but it will look FAB when all done.
I went through 3 months of renos after a flood ( during Christmas I might add ) in 2003/ 2004. I thought they were *never* going to end. When it was all over, hubby dearest said 'looks good enough to sell' and that's what happened. I get to look at picures of my former new lino in pictures and the new owner gets to wash it.

Anonymous said...

PS... it was during that reno time that I knit up 50 or so of those little amulate bags. You saved my sanity! (?) And further my committment to beads and beading!
My looms was off limits due to 2 rooms being enptied into and on top of the loom.

Thanks... Susan

Louisa said...

You're welcome, Susan! I don't know about saving anyone's sanity though -- I'm more often accused of driving them crazy.

And we're not moving anytime soon.