Thursday, August 18, 2005

Well Hooray For Me!

I finished the gloves and they fit me perfectly! How come it took almost as long to knit half-fingers as it would have to knit whole fingers? I didn't follow Marnie's suggestion in the pattern to use a double-knitting technique for them. I thought it might not have been easier since it's unfamiliar. So I went with the old tried-and-true rounds with lots of needle points sticking out. I must be pretty familiar with double pointed needles because it didn't seem all that difficult. Just time-consuming picking up stitches, casting on 2 extras, and 2 ends to sew in on each demi-finger. Another thing to cross of the ever-expanding to-do list!

Still working on the Confetti socks. They're past the heel turn and one is up to the plain rounds so I'm able to knit while reading email and blogs again. I get more done that way but it has to be simple mindless knitting that I don't need to look at very often.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is looking more and more like a major disaster area. Like after a typhoon or something traumatic. (No, I'm not taking pictures!) All the cupboard doors are off (and beautifully scraped and sanded by Thom) and all the stuff is out in the dining room all over the buffet, table, and floor. The microwave and a few basics are in the kitchen nook taking up the table. The weather better stay nice enough to eat outside for the next while because we don't have an indoor table left uncluttered! Cooking is a bit of an adventure but at least I still have a stove, fridge, nuker and hot water on tap. For the moment anyway. The hardest part is finding some of the items that are all in boxes in the dining room. We may be ordering pizza before the week is out.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and tore off all the shelf liner that I labouriously applied not all that many years ago. It was hard to do because it still looked pretty good. I have no idea whether I can find that pattern again but I'd really love to. It was dark green with gold leaves and looked like something I would stamp on cloth. It would go with the leaf theme of the flooring we're getting too. I won't hold my breath that it's still available though. If I can't find what I like I'll just get clear Mactac. I really hate painted shelves without liner for some reason. Stuff sticks to it and scratches the paint. It would be different if it had a nice wood finish or even melamine like Ikea bookcases. Now I have to use our little "mouse" sander to smooth out the inside of these vintage cupboards before applying a coat of primer to them. Oh fun.

Yeah, I'm still ignoring my kumihimo swap project. Maybe later today. I'm starting to feel guilty about not getting it done because I know swap-mom doesn't want it to be late and I'm running out of wiggle room.

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