Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Further Adventures in Cleaning and Storage

It took me longer than I thought but I finally finished cleaning and organising the dye cupboards I mentioned in my August 1st post. Check this out:

There isn't really any less stuff in there, more actually if you include the baskets and shelves. It just all fits much more efficiently. I'm so proud of me — I keep running downstairs and admiring! Now we'll see if I can actually keep it this neat.

I actually spun on Tuesday. I now have two skeins of that dye-painted yarn plied with black. See?

Hopefully that's enough to use for something nice. I'll post it on here when I find out what it will be when it grows up. Another skein that finally decided what it wanted to be is now becoming my Multidirectional Triangle Scarf. I'm halfway there. Want a teaser? Here it is as it was yesterday morning:

It's a lot longer and more colourful than that now. There was a whole section of that magenta and another one is going to pop up soon. It keeps me knitting just to see what's next. I'm liking this a lot, even if I didn't really need another scarf. It's giving me garment ideas too. Uh-oh.

The gloves still only have two fingers. They've been cast aside for this scarf, poor things. But they're in good company with all the other languishing UFOs around here.

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