Friday, August 05, 2005

Hot Hot Friday

No pictures today — it's too stinking hot to even think about what to show off. AC? Who needs AC in our maritime climate? There's only about 5 days a year when it would be useful. Just about as useful as a snow shovel (though you better have one anyway in case). However, this is one of those 5 days. Best I can do is a big oscillating fan that doubles as a swamp cooler when you fill it with water. Oh yeah! Why didn't I fill it with water? Silly me.

So I was merrily plying my second skein-worth of dye-painted and black singles together when (you guessed it) I ran out of black. So now I'm spindle spinning more to finish. Why is it when it doesn't matter if I have too much black left over, I keep running out of it first? Must be a sub-corollary of Murphy's Law specifically for spinners. So that skein isn't finished yet.

I've gotten up to just before the half-fingers on the Hooray For Me gloves, both of them. Not bad since I only knit on them while reading email and blogs. Wait a minute...I must read too much on the computer to get this far so fast. Oh well, I have to stop reading and concentrate to get the fingers done right. Obviously these gloves aren't finished either.

And I also have to fix my TV knitting, the Confetti socks. I'm using leftovers (buy 3 balls and get 2 pairs of socks!) and had to join a new ball. The tricky bit is joining it in the right place in the yarn's pattern sequence. I got it wrong the first time — joined the wrong end of the ball so the sequence was backwards. Sheesh. The next trick is to make the join as invisible as possible. Sock yarn is slippery stuff so it needs a bit of doubling back on itself to hold. This join is in the middle of the heel stitch, a spot where you don't want it to rub. Oddly enough I'm only at the ribbing on the second sock so I can knit on that one awhile before I have to do a join on it too. If I stall long enough I'll have to do them both at the same time. OK, another thing not finished yet.

See a pattern here?

I did get several more plastic baskets for my dye cupboards. It's nice and cool down there in the basement. I'm avoiding it. Hmmm...Could it be I'm not enjoying fiddling with packets and jars of questionable dyestuff while wearing a mask and gloves to avoid breathing in the dust and developing multi-coloured fingers and lungs? Tomorrow. When I'm not running around buying groceries for Sunday's birthday party and cleaning the bathroom so guests don't run, gross, turn up their noses at my lack of good housekeeping. After all, we only have one bathroom around here. Maybe we should have looked into renting a port-o-pottie for the approximately 30 people who could potentially show up?

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