Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm Walking Sideways

...because I'm Crabby! I've had one of those days where I should never have gotten out of bed. First my kitchen painting was going OK until I looked back and saw...a zillion drips! I tried to fix them but the paint was drying and my brush made bad marks on the paint job. Pft. The line between the ceiling and the wall was really badly uneven too even with a fine brush. And I was doing so well yesterday. Next, the guy came over to measure for the new flooring. He instantly said we needed a subfloor, we have to move out all the furniture including the fridge (which doesn't really fit through the door except with extreme difficulty), and we can't get the new flooring installed until October after we get back from our holiday at the end of September. The good news is we won't have any seams. All this took about 15 minutes for a grand total of $50 for the privilege!

Carrying on the day's theme, I finished up the kumihimo braid for the swap. That went alright until I tried to full it in the washing machine, whereupon it inexplicably developed a knot in it that resisted the fulling. I was able to undo the knot before the second wash run so it isn't too obvious but it's still there if you know to look for it. Right after I rescued my braid, I was knitting on my current Confetti socks and found a slipped stitch. I'm talking slipped way down and way back. I wrestled with crocheting it up the more than 2 inches to the needles when I noticed another slipped stitch right beside the first one. No way was I going to be able to pick up 2 stitches and pass the place where my knitting got tight when I didn't notice the escaped stitches and kept on going. It was tight enough with one to pick up. So a-frogging that sock went and poof! went the last 2 days of knitting. Sigh. It's back to just past the gusset now. The bright side? I've got a lot more mindless knitting I can do while reading email and other people's blogs.

My poor husband got the brunt of the whining and whimpering about my lousy day when he got home from work. A hug helped though. I think I'm just over-tired — 7 or 8 hours of painting and scrubbing will do that to you. Well if you're a wimpy older middle-aged lady like me anyway. Young strong persons may find it somewhat easier. Or maybe not.

This is the beach at Carl Washburn State Park on the Oregon coast where we're going on our holiday. Hoping the weather will be reasonably cooperative, but just getting away is the goal. Doesn't it look relaxing?


'Zann said...

Hi Louisa - thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed your ruminations on clutter and will look forward to reading more about your ventures with kumihimo braiding. That is something I'd love to do, but am so far resisting adding more to my own art/craft clutter! 'Zann

Louisa said...

We're not going that far inland, Mel! Coast all the way. Besides, didn't Russ close the big store? Though I hear he still goes to conferences, at least ANWG in Tacoma this summer.