Friday, August 26, 2005


I'm still painting, even in my dreams. It feels like I've been doing it every day forever but it's really only been a week. I can actually say that one wall is done...wait...sorry, almost done. It's the one with all the cupboards and the doors aren't even started painting yet. I didn't get as much done today because a friend invited me out to lunch and I took the opportunity got get my hair cut at the same time. It was much longer than its usual inch! It actually moved in the wind! Whoa!! Feels much better now which is good since we're going out tonight to a gala-gala-do for Thom's work. Semi-formal even. I don't know how I'm going to keep my eyes open after 9pm. What a little old lady, eh? Maybe semi-old.

Got my kumihimo swap samples into the mail. There's still a chance it'll get there before the deadline on September 1. Several people are as usual running a bit late anyway so I'm not too worried. I live the closest to the swap meister (mistress?) and some have to come from overseas. I was wrong though. It’s not New Westminster it’s going to — it’s Coquitlam which is a smidge further. Good thing I looked it up before addressing the envelope.

Started a swatch for another zip-front vest loosely based on one I saw in Vogue Knitting. I don't plan to put a hood on it though. Maybe a simple collar with the zipper going right up so I can wear it open and folded down or zipped up high to keep my neck warm. I have 2 cones of stranded wool yarn that I was gifted by a friend. It's musty smelling and dusty and each one is made from a group of fine singles wool in different colours wound together. Orange and grey are common to both and one has black where the other has white, plus a bit of green in there somewhere. If I use both of them at the same time and knit on large needles in a basket weave pattern of knits and purls I get an interesting fabric. I just washed the swatch gently but maybe I should try washing it more vigourously and see what happens. Will it stop smelling quite so musty? Does it get any softer? Does it shrink a bit? Does it get more fuzzy? This is what it looks like so far:

Not sure I need another project but who's counting.

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