Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!


These are my Halloween costume for this year! Thom made the beads for me last year after he'd only been making beads for a month. I always get compliments on them but unfortunately I can only wear them during October. Cute, huh?

I spoke too soon yesterday about the socks that I'm knitting for my daughter. I found I'd miscounted the stitches for the heel flap on one of them and had to frog it back. I've gotten past the heel turn on both socks now though so it should be easy sailing from here. Oops, better not push my luck this time. Forget I said that.

I'm trying not to start anything new until I assess what unfinished things I've got going around here and what is on the priority list before the holidays start in earnest. I've given up giving gifts for Christmas (except for the small children) a few years ago. It's not because I'm cheap or mean — it just makes me crazy! I have too many people on my list for starters. I can't possibly make gifts for everyone. Plus buying things that people neither need nor want just for them to buy me things that I don't need or want either is just stupid consumerism. We are so pressured by the media that we must buy stuff or we and our loved ones won't be happy. I can't be guilted into it anymore. If they absolutely must buy something, they can buy something nice for themselves and think of me while they're doing it! At least then they'd get something they really want. As the older generation is passing on, our immediate family is starting to focus more on Winter Solstice with no cultural or religious expectations attached to it. It's just a time to get together, eat, drink, light candles and celebrate the return of the sun which is a true, scientific event. No faith necessary which suits us non-religious types perfectly. I'm hoping we can eventually substitute Winter Solstice for Christmas entirely. But it's sure an uphill battle fighting the pressure of the social majority!

The kitchen is coming along slowly. I can't decide how to dye the curtains: plain or tie-dyed, gold, red, green or what? Meanwhile they're just sitting down on my dye-stove waiting for me to figure it out. More than half the cupboard doors are on now. And the quarter round is nailed on, holes filled and touched up with paint. Thom did that yesterday. He's finally back at work today after taking more than a week off so it's quiet around here. It was nice having him home even after the stress of mom's funeral subsided. Now it's back to what passes as normal in Damselfly's pond.

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