Sunday, October 30, 2005

Well That’s Over

The workshop actually went ok yesterday. We found an error in my pattern which was probably inevitable! I wrote the original version after I made the bag, which means that I had to recount what I had already done. Counting rows and stitches is hard in variegated yarns. We also had some difficulty getting the 6º beads onto the yarn which was actually slightly thinner than the original where I used E beads. I know we could have used smaller needles for a better gauge too. Most of them were loose knitters. Sigh! Oh well. I’m really not enjoying teaching right now. I feel like I spend all my time preparing for workshops and don’t get enough out of them to make it worthwhile. I find it too draining rather than invigorating which I feel it should be. And I don’t make enough money for how long it takes me to prepare. Though I do like what my students can often come up with afterwards. Sometimes they come back to me with fabulous pieces inspired by whatever workshop they took with me. It’s great to see that excitement.

I’m going to try to cut down on teaching for the next while until (or unless!) I feel like doing it again. I’m sure my boss at the wool shop will understand. I can’t get out of the spinning class starting this Wednesday though. Nothing like having to work on your birthday, eh? Plus I’m feeling a bit grumpy that I didn’t have time to create a Dios de los Muertos doll like I wanted this year. Oh well, I’ve got my little “altar” for mom. I’ll have to remember to light the candles and put out some chocolate for her on Tuesday.

Back to craft stuff, I still haven’t finished the bracelet I showed a pic of back on Oct 19th. It’s only about an inch longer now. I did make these earrings but I’m not sure how much I like them. They kind of hang a bit off, but maybe that’s because I made them while I was sitting beside mom’s bed on her last day. Tension problems! Lastly, I’m up to the heel turn on my daughter’s socks. Had to take out a bit of one of the heel flaps when I found a mistake. That’s what I get for reading email and knitting at the same time — in the dark. Hopefully once I pass the heel turn I can zip along faster and get these done soon. I want to start on another pair for my granddaughter.

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