Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's Coming!

My new flooring is coming tomorrow. Yay! I'm so glad that I'll be getting my kitchen back to some kind of normal some day soon. However, the floor thing is stressing both of us out bigtime. We have to get everything off the kitchen floor, including the honking great fridge that took 2 delivery guys an hour to get in the back door. Thom has come up with some wheeled thingies that hopefully will help get it back out through that door without scraping up anything. Luckily I haven't painted the back door yet since it has to come off along with the fridge doors. And since I can't help much (or my physio will have something to say about it) we've bribed dear daughter's boyfriend into helping. Flying Wedge pizza seems to be an acceptable medium of exchange for exercising his muscles. They even have a low-carb crust version for us. Yum.

Meanwhile I've been somewhat occupied with finishing up a binder for my weavers' guild's 70th birthday exhibition at Place des Arts in Coquitlam, BC. The exhibit is listed on the website under Current Exhibitions and my "Beads & Knitting: A Wild Little Bag" workshop is listed under Learn More. Which reminds me — I still have to get organized for that too. It's on October 29th so that doesn't give me much time. The binder is covered with my handwoven fabric and holds bios and pics of most of the folks who's pieces are included in the exhibit. It took me about 2 full days to produce this thing! Not including weaving the fabric of course. (Which I would show you but Blogger is being a Bugger again and not letting me post pictures. Later.) The big birthday party is on this Sunday so I'm all ready to celebrate! I've been a member of the GVWSG for 20 years. Time flies...

I'm still up to the toe of the second of Thom's socks. A picture will be coming as soon as I finish them. I gave my DIL her socks on Thanksgiving and she was pleased. DD pouted that I haven't started hers yet, but I couldn't help it if her dad's sock yarn was too hard to resist! Her socks are next on the list. That will be 3 pairs of socks in a row that weren't for me — a record!

I know I promised more Oregon, but it's just not happening today.

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