Friday, October 14, 2005

It's Here!

But nothing else is. I still have my fridge out on the deck in the rain (covered of course) and the stove is in the hallway. Everything else is spread all over the house! It feels like it did when we were painting — a big mess. Oh well. At least I can get things back now and they will stay.

Here is the old floor. I loved this linoleum even though it's probably almost as old as I am. I love the colours and the pattern but of course there's nothing remotely like it available. Yeah, it's not very trendy at all. Not quiet and neutral like so much of the interior design these days. Taupe, pearl, mushroom, and beige are just so not me. I'm a colour girl! So I got some very expensive but hopefully very durable Armstrong vinyl flooring. It does brighten things up, don't you think?

I love the pattern of leaf skeletons in dark red and green. I'm very fond of leaves which is why fall is my favourite season. I'm so enjoying the leaves outside right now and it'll be great to have them in my kitchen on a permanent basis. It was really smart to pay a professional to install the floor. It took him 5 hours and he did a great job.

I can't move anything big in until Thom gets home so I've been amusing myself by lining the shelves in the nook and putting the things back in them. It's interesting trying to assess what needs to get chucked and what I still need. Waffle iron that I haven't used for 3 years? Canning pot that I might need for pickles sometime? Maybe. Regular pasta that I no longer eat because it's too high in carbs? Honey? I don't even like honey. Molasses? Need that for Christmas baking. Or will I even do that anymore? Questions, questions. This is a much harder job than it should be.

On the craft front, I finished Thom's Fall socks. Picture to come soon. I've just started daughter's socks. She was pretty pouty over the fact that I made her dad's socks first since her birthday is before her dad's (by a week!). She was ok that I already knit her sis-in-law's birthday socks because her birthday really is first in the sequence. These ones are Confetti and they do look quite different. Fairly wide stripes of dark grey and cool blue that are almost the same value, then a thin white stripe, then white and light warm blue spots, a wide stripe of light grey, and lastly the thin white stripe and white and blue spots again. I'll take a picture when there's enough sock to see.

I'm still adding a page or two to the guild bio book that I mentioned. They're trickling in very slowly but it has to be ready by Sunday afternoon for the birthday party. Anybody who isn't in by tonight is SOL. Blogger's image file transfer is a bit flaky, so I'm nervous to try adding the pics of my handwoven fabric right now. It's coming eventually. (Gee, I'm big on promises, aren't I?)

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