Monday, November 28, 2005

Busy Busy

This is a fuzzy version of what the sliver of waning moon looked like this morning at 7 am. I’d already been up for an hour and done the dishes from the night before. It was really frosty for the first time this season. No wonder I had to go get an extra blanket for the bed last night. Time to put on the flannelette sheets. Winter’s coming.

I’ve been trying to get a few things done — especially those with deadlines. See? I finished Mother’s socks. And I’m partway down the leg on sis M’s socks. I think Mother’s pair are quite eye-dazzling! They are knit from one of the Confetti patterns with lots of “dashes” and very thin lines of solid, similar to the one I used for my friend’s grandbaby set. Sis M’s have 3 shades of grey and burgundy and white dashes which is a similar pattern (though different colours) to the socks I made for Darling Daughter.

Since I have a bead swap due on December 1st, I figured I’d better get to it. The theme is Ethnic and we were supposed to do a larger piece than the one we did in the spring and email the picture and information to our swap leader. I didn’t use a Greenlander pattern this time though. I went to my “White Russian” book (the actual title is in Cyrillic and I can’t read it) and hunted up another netted design. The Russian patterns are very similar to the Greenlander ones but often require two needles to accomplish because of their mirror symmetry. It’s quite a challenge and I’ve already frogged several beginnings and about a half inch of beading when I made a mistake back aways. I found a nifty clasp in my stash that works very well with the width so it’s going to be a bracelet. Pictures to come when it’s done. Hint: what’s black and white and silver all over? Back to beadin’.

P.S. I love getting comments on my blog. Hi Susan! Hi Nanamouse! I know you're out there!

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