Friday, November 25, 2005

The Fog Lifts

And now it’s raining. I think I liked the fog much better. Come on back, Fog! Or Sun — even better.

I’ve gotten up to the toes on Mother’s socks now. Just starting the decreases. This was pretty fast, eh? Picture when done. Then I finish the Jaywalker socks before starting on sis’s socks. Her birthday is several weeks away anyway so I have plenty of time. I mean, why should she be the only one this year to get birthday socks on her actual birthday?

I was thinking (always a frightening prospect) that I need to buckle down and get a handle on the WIPs & UFOs around here. There are too many and, although they aren’t preventing me from starting new things, they’re making me crazy. (OK, more crazy than usual.) This is because things are missing from their proper place because they are permanently engaged in a half-done item somewhere around the studio/study/storage area. Needles, hooks, bags of beads, wire, tools, even whole looms are occupied by things that have either been A) usurped by something more time-critical or more fun or B) ignored because something is wrong with the original design, it’s not working out the way I wanted, or it was just a bad idea all around. Option A items, aka WIPs (Works In Progress), usually just need to be finished up but Option B items, aka UFOs (UnFinished Objects), have yet more choices. Each one has to be assessed as to whether I can fix what’s wrong or should abandon it all together. And if I abandon it, I have to decide whether to just chuck it out or recycle the parts into something usable for another project. Decisions, decisions. However, unlike some people, I haven’t counted how many WIPs & UFOs I’ve actually got. That would just be too frightening. I like it better when they stay hidden in their bags, boxes, and baskets. Though if I do get inspired to catalogue, it will be listed here. Not before the New Year anyhow.

Well. Rumour has it that the news of Darling Daughter’s engagement has escaped into The World At Large. Apparently there are more people who read this lil’ ol’ blog than I thought. So, Lurkers, feel free to post me a comment some time, whydoncha! Just so I know you’re out there.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I didn't let the word out! :)

But reading your blog has turned into a (good) habit.
Your rain is heavy falling snow here in te Shuswap! I'm all for fog or sun again myself. We have shoveled walks and already it needs doing again.
here comes winter....

yer bud, Susan