Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Current Projects

I didn't have anything "blogworthy" to talk about yesterday but today I decided there was enough of the Jaywalker socks to show off now. I know the two yarn balls don't quite match. They also get lighter from the inside to the outside. That's because I dyed them in the ball in the dye-microwave and what is now on the inside was on the outside so it got more dye there than the inside did. I was a bit nervous about knitting this pattern because I went down quite far on the needle size, from the recommended 2.25 mm to 1.75 mm. I've tried them on so far and they fit over my heel and stay up on my leg just fine, but I'd use my usual 2 mm if I was making them for a more "normal" leg and foot. Mine are skinny! The tilting pattern doesn't stretch much and definitely takes more paying attention to knit. The double decrease is especially tricksy and I have to be aware of the end of the round so I can switch from a row where I just knit to one that needs increases and decreases. I like the effect with the spotty yarn though. No worries with hand-dyed yarns about "pooling" because there is no definite colour repeat.

When I got tired of struggling with increases and double decreases in skinny yarn, I switched back to my warm vest project that I started months ago. Now that I have the 52" cable for my Denise needles (bought it on our holiday in Port Townsend, WA) I can stretch this out all the way on it. I'm doing the back and fronts in one piece so it makes for a very long row. I have about 10" done and am coming up to the underarms where I'll have to split into fronts and back. Guess I'll actually have to start writing out the pattern, huh? So far I've been making it up from an idea in one of the knitting magazines. Carrying on.

Time to do some spinning today methinks. About time I reinstituted Spinning Wednesdays otherwise I'll never get enough yarn spun to actually do anything with!

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