Monday, November 07, 2005


Well that was a busy weekend! We chose the most rainy day (Saturday) to go for a walk downtown. However, around here if you stay home because it’s raining, you’ll never get anything done so we went anyway. Turned out that if we waited until Sunday we would have had a much nicer day. Oh well. Got some of the garden and deck cleaned up plus I did a lot of housework. Today is even nicer still with that big light in the sky turned up full. Too bad — now in the bright light I can see what I missed when cleaning yesterday! I’m too tired to care though. I should learn not to vacuum the whole house in the same day. It’s really hard on my poor neck. My physio tells me to do it a floor at a time on different days, but did I listen to her? Noooo. Silly me.

Finished the daughter’s socks today and washed them. They get much softer and full a bit when washed so I try to do it right after grafting the toes and before I gift them to their owner. I kind of like this Confetti yarn colourway though it’s fairly tame as these things go. The baby blue spots are unusual in this yarn brand. I should have taken a picture of my own socks vs. these ones. Hard to believe I actually hatched this particular chick! No wonder it took me so long to knit her socks. They took almost the full 2 balls with only a little left over. I usually get a pair and a half sock out of this yarn so I often buy 3 balls for 2 pairs. Obviously this trick won’t work with larger socks.

Started my Jaywalker socks but there’s not enough of them yet to photograph. It takes more attention to work the increases and decreases every other row so these don’t make good socks to work on while reading. I used a smaller needle than called for in the pattern knowing that I knit fairly loosely and also that I have skinnier feet and ankles than Grumperina does. I like my sock fabric nice and tight so I can’t feel the stitches underfoot.

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