Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ever the Optimist

See the pretty rainbow? It was beautiful and sunny and pouring rain at the same time so I went hunting out every window for this! Interestingly, you can just barely see the echo-rainbow to the left of the brighter one. I actually didn't notice it as I was shooting this photo from my front porch a couple of days ago. Did you know that the echo-rainbow has the colours in the opposite order to the main rainbow? I love the Real World! Another thing about this photo is that our north shore mountains are missing. Well, ok they aren't really gone; they're hiding. They should be behind those pretty fall trees. The joke here is if you can see the mountains then it's going to rain and if you can't see the mountains then it's already raining! Today it's really windy and rainy (no mountains visible) and I'm swiftly rethinking my plans to go get my hair cut. Sometimes the Real World can turn your umbrella inside out!

My spinning class went ok yesterday. There's 9 students and we don't have enough wheels for everyone so a few had to use spindles. That's a big class especially the first lesson where I have to run around from one to the other and hold their hands a lot. These guys are pretty good though and seem to have the patience to give themselves a chance to learn. The one person (a handsome young black man!) who had some trouble is planning to go back to the shop today to practice on a different wheel which should help. Sometimes you need to switch around until you get something that works better for you. I make them trade each lesson anyway unless they have their own equipment. Next week we learn plying.

I think I was a bit optimistic when I thought DD's socks would be ready by this weekend. I'm heading for the toes but it's slow going. These are big socks because she has big feets! Two full sizes larger than mine anyway. I also realized that I originally said I was going to make a new pair for my granddaughter but I want a pair for me first. Little ones should go fast after that. She just keeps growing anyway so they'll just fit her longer if I don't make them right away. (Justify. Justify.) She's still not quite walking though she's almost 15 months. She needs the security of holding hands or furniture but we won't rush her into growing up too fast, will we?

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