Friday, November 04, 2005

Must Be Winter Or A Close Facsimile

It has been so dark and windy and rainy here that I've been hibernating indoors. I still haven't made a hairdresser appointment yet. My hair is getting so long it's almost in my eyes and it can actually blow in the wind. It's more than 2 inches! Yikes! Super-short hair is my personal style — as in wash-&-wear-and-never-even-have-to-comb-it, no-maintenance, KISS-principle hair. Anything more is too much work. The drawback is that my hair grows so fast you can almost see it grow. So my dear hairdresser Pat gets to see me often. She doesn't mind since I pay her well.

So while I've been hibernating I've also been knitting. I'm up to the toe decreases on both DD socks. Yay! The end is in sight! Also I played a game that some other bloggers suggested where you type your name followed by "needs" into an Internet search engine and see what comes up. It's hilarious! Here's the best ones I got:

Louisa needs to be taken care of.
Louisa needs to know.
Louisa needs no urgin’.
Louisa needs the money to buy a small cottage.
Louisa needs a work out.
Louisa needs names of those who can go and preferably a large deposit.
Louisa needs the man he once was, not the man he's become.
Louisa needs a maid for her mother-in-law.
Louisa needs a traffic signal.
Louisa needs a reason.
Louisa needs furniture, kitchen appliances, linens, kids clothes, throw rugs, etc.
Louisa needs you to know that she's having a much more interesting life than you are.
Louisa needs the room for teaching the flute.
Louisa needs a kidney.
Louisa needs to be bombed beyond recognition.

I'm still chuckling! Then I tried it with Thom's name and got even more funny stuff. It appears that there's a popular singer in some band with that name? (Don't ask me; I'm a folkie, preferably Celtic.) I'll have to share what I found with Thom so he can ROTFL with me. If you want to try this yourself, be sure to put it in quotes like this: "Louisa needs" — so it finds the exact phrase. Too funny. Unless you have a really truly unusual name or spelling, though the only-somewhat-unusual name (like my daughter's) still seems to get some great hits. Have to try my son's next...

One other thing I found yesterday was a new craft ezine called The Anticraft. It's quite wonderful, edgy and imaginative. The link will (hopefully) be in my sidebar. Just the title of the first issue gives you the idea: "You're Going To Die Anyway, So You Might As Well Knit" — wild, hey? There's a great tutorial on knitting with wire and a project to go with it: a black wire-knitted heart box. Or how about elbow-length armwarmers with a motif that morphs from snowflake to skull? A knitted voodoo doll with a cross-stitch heart to stick pins into? And if you have any great craft ideas (not just knitting) in this vein, they're looking for good submissions. Just go check it out and you'll see what I mean.

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