Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Foggy Foggy Dew

It's been foggy most of the week and it's so damp that it makes pearls on the spider web on my back fence. OK, so I have a thing for spiders. Maybe it's because they spin and weave? No? I'm just weird? Sure, but I still miss Queenie who hasn't come back since we painted her windowsill. However there is another tiny spider in her place. Queenie Jr? We don't have the same close relationship though. Something's just not the same.

Still out in the garden, I'm having trouble keeping the birdfeeder full. The chickadees are so into their oil sunflower seeds that they like to hide them all over the place, in tree bark and under roof shingles, to save them for later when they get hungry for a snack. We also get sparrows (several kinds), juncos, and the occasional towhee on the ground munching on the dropped seeds. My cats can enjoy the birdfeeder from the comfort of the kitchen table as they watch out the window. The birds don't mind as long as there's glass between them and their potential enemies. The old lady cats are too slow to catch them anymore anyway.

Yesterday afternoon we had a lovely time babysitting our granddaughter while her parents got to go see the latest Harry Potter flick. Here she is with her grampa reading a book and having a snack. Actually the book is a very boring computer text, but she didn't seem to care. Notice the cat's tail — she has to be where the action is just in case there is some patting and loving to be had. Even at the risk of losing a handful of fur in a toddler fist!

Note: I want to go see Harry Potter now too.

On the sock front, I've got the heels safely turned on Mother's socks. Not without frogging yet another heel flap though because it didn't match properly. That's what I get for knitting on it at Mother's birthday party. When will I learn that knitting and anything else don't mix? Guess I'm not as good of a multi-tasker as I'd like to fancy myself, huh? Or maybe it was the glass of wine and the late evening. It should be smooth sailing on these socks now. I hope.

Yet another project has just come up. I'm trying to decide what I should knit for my new grand-niece born November 16th. It didn't occur to me to get ahead of the game and do something earlier in the pregnancy. Noooo...I have to wait until after she's born and then try to come up with something preferably before her first birthday. Silly me. Maybe I'll make another one of those ponchos which seem to have a fairly long wearable time since they don't have to fit exactly. And my stretchy little beany hat that lasted this baby's older brother for a whole year. And he has a big head too. Hmm...maybe an excuse for a stash enhancement! That's always good.

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