Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fog Continued

The morning sun tried to peek in through that persistent fog but it just wasn't happening. The sky was a really interesting peach colour though it doesn't show up that well in the pic. The bare branches in the right foreground are my swiftly clearing walnut tree and those lovely huge fir trees are across the street in my neighbour's yard. I love branches silhouetted against the sky. I enjoy them all winter long.

Speaking of enjoying, isn't this bouquet lovely? My favourite colours of orange with purple. Yum! That's my belated birthday present from my boss at the wool shop. It was my last beginner spinning class last night and she dropped the fact that there's 11 signed up for the sock knitting class starting next week. Yikes! I think she was sucking up to me for that one. Number 11 is the boss herself though and she's started this before and gotten too busy to continue. However, I'm not especially happy about this many students because sock knitting is difficult even for experienced knitters. Last time, we had only 4 people but that included one who wasn't even able to cast-on or purl! Sheesh. And the rest had to be led by the nose every step of the way. When they deigned to actually show up for class. Hope these new ones are as swift as my newly graduated baby spinners, who were almost all exceptionally good. (Except for the one male, but we won't go into those "male ego gets in the way of learning something new" problems!)

I'm halfway down the foot of Mother's socks and trundling along. I took advantage of being in the yarn shop last evening and got another couple of balls of superwash baby yarn in rich purple and lighter orchid for the new grand-niece. Who says babies should dress in pastels? I'll use the darker purple for the main part of the poncho and hat and the lighter one for the garter stitch edgings. Unfortunately I won't be able to get to this until I'm done both Mother's socks and Sis M.'s socks, since I promised them first. I knit too slowly. Definitely. Projects are backing up.

BTW, Darling Daughter and her Sweetie have just about got their dream townhouse — subject of course to a bunch of red tape which includes borrowing $2500 from us for a week until the cheque from his dad comes through. I think this place will work out well for them though and it's not very far from where they live now in the wilds of lovely Surrey, BC, car theft capital of the world. Hey, it's affordable! And there's a private swimming pool...

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