Friday, November 18, 2005

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Can you see the difference between these two balls of yarn? The darker grey in the left one is lighter than the one on the right. They both have the same dyelot number. Confetti has got some 'splainin' to do! I have to go back to the store and see if the one last ball of this is remotely going to match just one of these two. I'd prefer the dark one. Either that or I pick some other colours entirely. These are supposed to be for my sister M. who's birthday is in December.

Now these socks that I started yesterday are for my birth mom. (See a theme here?) Her birthday is next week but we're having a party of sorts for her tomorrow. As usual there's no way I'll be finished yet. The best wishes come first and the socks will come later. I actually like these better than I thought when the yarn was in the ball. There's a lot of the grey/white spots and a thin line of rosy-brown, baby blue, and blue-purple. Hope she likes them.

I'm totally annoyed with my Jaywalker socks, which is why there is no picture of them! I had to frog half of the leg yet again on one of them when I discovered a big mistake. It wasn't obvious unless I counted the stitches more carefully. That's why I didn't find it until I was trying to get the right amount of stitches for the heel flap. Phooey. I'm getting tired of these things. Maybe I should have just made regular plain knit socks like usual. I've frogged so many stitches I could have finished the darn things by now.

It was nice and sunny today and I was glad I could get out and walk in it. Of course I should have been doing some more raking of leaves but my excuse is I needed to shop for veggies and dairy products. Right. Maybe tomorrow with Thom to help.

Oh yeah, darling daughter and her sweetie decided not to buy the condo. There were some moisture issues that potentially could be their responsibility to pay for fixing. Such a common problem around here! The seller is obliged to disclose this kind of thing and didn’t in this case. Tsk, tsk. Oh well, they don’t have any compelling reason to move from their comfy rental basement suite until they’re good and ready.

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