Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Something To Talk About

I’ve got my mother-in-law coming for dinner tonight. No that’s not a bad/scary thing. I love my MIL. And she would never presume to criticize anything I cook as long as I don’t offer her too much on her plate. (She hates that.) I also have my daughter’s boyfriend coming. He says he has something to discuss with us without his sweetie’s ears picking it up. Now he’s got us speculating in a million directions! What is this all about? So anyway the pork roast has to go in the oven in half an hour. My only complaint is I have a migraine and it makes it hard to socialize and also hard to cook. Promise me that one day those darn headaches will go away? Maybe when I finally finish menopause?

I’ve continued to spin that lovely boysenberry stuff. The bobbin is almost filled and I have maybe half the 250 g bag left. And I’m almost up to the heel flaps on both of the Jaywalker socks. Slow progress, in other words. I should be doing the beadwork for the swap that’s due December 1st. Hasn’t happened yet because I just haven’t been inspired. At least it doesn’t have to get mailed anywhere. This is a cyber swap so all that’s necessary is a digital picture and a PDF of the write-up.

Speaking of swaps, I got my kumihimo swap in the mail yesterday. Some nice braid samples there including a takadai braid. Takadai is a different braiding stand that is more like a loom. The braids are flat and can be quite wide. It’s more like weaving on the diagonal so I can understand the structures fairly well even though I have to stretch to read the braiding diagrams which are nothing like weaving drafts. I want a takadai so I can learn to do this! I have 4 books on it and a supplement with plans to build a takadai. How to inspire Thom to leave the lampworking long enough to do some woodworking? I guess not until after the kitchen is truly finished anyway. There’s still a few cupboard doors to finish painting and installing as well as building the short countertop between the stove and the original counter. No pictures here until it’s done!

Surprisingly, I’m not as stiff as I thought I’d be today after all that leaf raking business. A little bit in the neck and arms but maybe the ibuprofen I’m taking for the migraine is keeping it down to a dull roar. Guess I’ll find out for sure tomorrow when I hope the headache will be gone.

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