Saturday, December 31, 2005

Auld Lang Syne

Yes, it’s the last day of 2005. And I actually know what “auld lang syne” means and can sing all of Robbie Burns’ verses! However since this is a written medium, you’re luckily spared my dulcet tones.

I’ve been busy. I got 2 new bookcases from Ikea (Billy is my fave!) a few days ago which sent me on a reorganization tour of the books, binders, and magazines in my library. I now have a total of 8 bookcases up here! We figured out that one new tall bookcase and one old short one would fit in the studio. The ceilings are slanted of course so that dictates heights and restricts the use of the floor space somewhat.

The other new tall bookcase went where the short one was in my study. After moving every single last book at least once, I now have them arranged with some breathing space for new acquisitions. And the tall ones are all secured to the wall in case of earthquake too. At least I won’t be squashed like a bug under them all, just the books that might jump off the shelves. That could be painful enough — those suckers are heavy.

While I was schlepping books around, I figured I might as well dust and vacuum the rest of the two rooms. Especially since I managed to rile up the dust bunny colony something awful! I didn’t get into the attics (yet) but I did get the biggest closet cleaned and reorganized. It feels good to get those dust bunnies down to little baby bunnies for the moment. I also managed to sort out a bunch of my UFOs and now have a better idea what I’ve got to deal with. LOTS! I’m sure a few more that I haven’t tripped over yet will surface as I start in on the attics. Out of the four attic spaces, two are pretty clean but two need big help! Guess this is tops on my New Year’s Resolution list. It feels so good to be sorted out so I know where I’m at. I always want to create more after a big cleaning.

Tonight we’re going over to the Ninja’s and babysitting the Sprout so her parents can go party. We’re camping over so we won’t have to worry about what time they get home and there’s no way we can stay up to midnight anyway, far less drive home after. Guess I need to go pack my pillows. This girl don’t sleep anywhere without her own pillows.

So, for “old long ago” here’s my cyber-hand in friendship and may the new year to come be the best ever.

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