Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yipes! Stripes!

I’m not sure if this is working for me but I’m too lazy to frog one sock to start again. I found that after starting one sock, one of the other two balls seemed to match so, instead of making the second sock totally different, I started knitting it in the same place on the stripes. Silly me. It sorta matches — but not quite! It’s about 2 rounds out of wack plus there’s an extra blue stripe on one which isn’t on the other. Now the heel is going to be a little different too because it was started when the socks matched in length not in colour. I’m trying to decide if it bugs me or if I can live with it. Maybe I’ll just carry on anyway. What the heck. They mostly hide in my Birkies or my Blunnies so who will notice? Except me. Arghhh!

These socks are a bit tighter than I expected too. I know I knit tighter on my aluminum needles than I do on bamboo. They do go over my heel and onto my leg though. I tried them both on. They might be too tight to wear with “undersocks” but that’s ok. They’re thicker and I probably don’t need the extra layer anyway.

Note to self: Increase to 60 stitches or even go to the normal 64 next time. However if I do that I may need the 3rd ball.

A truism: thicker socks need to be looser to compensate for their thickness and reduced stretch and flexibility. I should have remembered that from my last pair of handspun socks that never got finished because they were too tight to get on over my heel without a struggle.

Another note to self: Don’t try to match the stripes! Either make them exactly the same or totally different. This “almost-match” is crazy-making. Maybe that’s why they call this yarn “Crazy Color”?

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Anonymous said...

you *know* they will bug you.... like a stone in your shoe!
Every time you wear them...

I had never heard that term 'frogging' before!Thanks for sharing it.
yer buddy

:) Susan