Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After

…is of course Boxing Day. No “boxing” got done today but it wasn’t raining so we went for a walk instead. It did sprinkle on us a little bit but we managed to get all the way home again without getting wet. Whew! However, we stayed out of the stores and only went into Chapters for one magazine (and it wasn’t one of mine either). Our favourite tea shop was unfortunately closed so we came home by way of the video rental. At least we have something to watch for the next two evenings. There's a really pretty sky out there right now, but I don't have the digicamera handy.

The Christmas dinner went very well last night, thanks for asking. Unfortunately 3 people couldn’t make it so we had food enough for about 3 times the actual number (as opposed to only twice the necessary amount). Now there are formidable amounts of leftovers so I won’t be cooking much for a few days. The remaining hordes did manage to eat half the 20 pound turkey though which is pretty amazing. However there’s lots of broccoli left for some reason.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I started another pair of socks in a really bright colourway of Regia 6 fadig Crazy Color. I tell you it’s a disease. Like eating potato chips (which I just did and I may regret later), you can’t stop knitting socks once you start. I should put a warning disclaimer on my sock knitting classes. Or maybe not because I may be turning most of them off knitting socks instead of on to the joys. I’ll likely never know which. Maybe that's for the best, eh?

Ahem. Back to the latest socks — the 6 ply yarn is somewhat heavier than my usual sock yarns so I’m using 56 stitches on 2.25 mm needles instead of 64 stitches on 2 mm needles. It’s making a nice cushy fabric and still goes over my heel. I just tested. I found a lacey scalloped rib cuff in Vogue Knitting "Socks Two" book with the right amount of stitches. The pattern is for girly anklet socks and calls for decreasing down to 48 stitches after the rib, which I didn’t do so my cuff actually shapes inward as it should. Also I will be shifting the beginning of the round over 7 stitches to centre the cuff’s scallops more pleasingly on my leg. The rest of the sock is a pretty plain regular sock foot anyway, so I’ll just make my usual from there. So far I haven’t found a repeat in the stripe pattern so the second sock, which I haven’t yet started, will likely be only a fraternal twin instead of identical. They will be wild! Photos to come when I have enough sock to show. The Jaywalkers will get done eventually. I just need to concentrate on them a bit more than I have. OK I haven't concentrated on them at all for weeks.

In anticipation, I’m already making New Years Resolutions. The top one is to consolidate and organize my UFOs into three categories: To Be Finished Soon, To Be Reduced To Components In Hope Of Something Better, or To Be Sacrificed To The Goddess Of Doom (aka the trash bin). Then I will compile a list of the To Be Finished Soon items and force myself to complete at least one or two of them before starting anything new until everything is checked off. We shall see how long this particular resolution lasts. No, I’m not entertaining any bets. I’m not that dumb.

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