Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Getting Closer

The Big C Day is getting closer — thank goodness! I'm getting tired of the advertising and the hype, though of course there will be lots more for Boxing Day (week? month?) sales. Plus the Canadian federal election campaign will kick into high gear with all the boring promises and accusations. Since I pretty much know who I'm voting for, I can ignore the politics. I am SO looking forward to the relative peace and quiet of January and February.

I just got this little book last week but only had a chance to really read it this morning. I think it's a pretty good intro to wire crochet with some relatively simple but effective patterns. I actually like it better than Nancie's first book on knitting with wire. Maybe the patterns appeal to me more. I mean who wants to spend the time (and money) it takes to knit a teeny sweater or a little sock and mary jane shoe in wire? Plus in the crochet book she actually sticks with crochet. The knitting book includes Viking knitting (which only kind of looks like knitting but isn't) and machine knitting (which is really hard on your knitting machine, assuming you have one). I think she should have done more with knitting on knitting needles. JMHO. In both books, most of her pieces are either jewelry or vessels. I'd be interested to see how wearable and durable the bracelets and necklaces might be. Guess I'll have to make one to find out, eh?

Got sidetracked yesterday while babysitting the GD but I'm still knitting socks. I need to be up to the toe decreases on the demo pair by tomorrow evening. I need a sock break! I've knitted 5 pair since September. That's a lot at the turtle speed I knit at. I want to work on my fingerless mitts, one of which is an inch along. Though I should knit the hat and poncho for my new grand-niece preferably before she's too big to fit into them. Sigh.

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