Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just A Quickie

I'm not good at posting on weekends. For some reason I'm not able to actually sit down and compose my thoughts. Maybe because the T-man is keeping me too busy or maybe because we're lazing around in bed reading too long! Either way, it doesn't always happen. This is an exception.

Today we got the traditional "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree and also the piece of counter that's going in the kitchen between the stove and the original countertop. We got a countertop yesterday but the colour (gray with flecks) didn't work. It was too cool for our warm-coloured kitchen. Although there are black tiles in the original sink surround this was just not quite right so today we went back and exchanged it for a green one with flecks including gold in it. This works much better, picking up the green tiles and the other green accents. As soon as the installation happens, I'll be posting a photo. I'm hoping it will be before I have to cook a honking turkey dinner for the thundering hordes because I sure miss that little extra bit of counterspace to put things!

Next up — decorating the tree. And yes, DD, of course you can have some of the decorations! All you had to do was ask. I think I already have a bag of them saved for you. I'll try to remember to bring them along. And you can come pick out more later if you want. We don't need them all. I'll try to sort them out as I'm decorating.

Off to a Christmas lunch with my other half's workmates. Hope they don't spend the whole time talking shop. Geeks and techno-weenies — gotta love 'em!

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