Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I Don't Want To Go

I feel like a little kid who has to go to the dentist or something. I’m really not looking forward to teaching the sock knitting class tonight. My “boss” (really a dear friend — I just call her Boss to bug her!) knows I don’t like it but she needs somebody to do this and I’m it. Well I’ve printed out some illustrated instructions for the long-tail cast-on and we’ll see if that helps those who are being obtuse. Maybe. I don’t know how far I’ll get with them on the heel flap tonight though. We’ll see. Depends on who’s even ready for that step yet. We might still be trying to get a nice-looking tube on double-pointed needles. So I have 2 pairs of half-finished socks ready for demonstrating whatever steps we need.

Since I got up to where I needed to stop on the socks, I started the baby hat for my new grand-niece. I looked all over for my 3mm dpns but the only ones I could find are 10” long. Much too long to be comfortable to knit something small on. However, I persevered with them until I realized there was another set of casein needles in the right size that just needed liberating from the stalled-for-2-years socks they were stuck in. No problem. Just yanked ‘em out and used them! Much nicer than the honking bamboos. You could knit a whole sweater on these they’re so long! I think I got them from my Japanese friend on a trip she made back home. I remember I was desperate for dpns in sets of 5 rather than the 4’s that were currently available in Canada and I love bamboo. Five needles makes so much more sense to me. I used to buy 2 sets of 4 to have enough with some to spare. Now most of the dpns are available in 5’s (but not all). I still buy 2 sets so I can knit on both socks alternately without changing out needles. Expensive, but my sanity (and matching socks) is worth it!

Apparently Blogger isn't going to let me upload pictures today. Maybe later.

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