Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Going, Going…

…Almost gone. The snow is melting after it rained lightly most of yesterday. Too bad. I think it lends a festive air and looks brighter than clouds and rain. But maybe we can get our pretty lights out on the front of the house now.

Thom figured out a way to use the digital camera to take pictures of our old slides. Almost all of our babies pictures are in that format because that was all we could afford back then! Prints were much more expensive to have processed. So here is me when I was about 17, just after I met Thom. Was I ever that young? Yikes! I’m even wearing my old school tunic from the Catholic private girls school I went to in grade 9. Tres chic, huh?

Then there’s a picture of my sweetie when he was 22 with our first baby, Darling Daughter. Don’t ya love the hair and beard? So 1970’s. Oh. Right — it was the ’70’s! And obviously her first Christmas. Love her chubby cheeks! She was 3 months old. And now she's 33. Years, not months.

And then there’s my two little ones featuring the classic Darling Daughter feeding her brother. Cute! They’re only 16 months apart in age. Just a little closer than we planned since he came 7 weeks early. We don’t have any pictures of The Little Guy until he was 2 months old for some reason. Of course he spent the first month in an incubator in the hospital until we could take him home. That was almost 32 years ago now and we were so relieved that his own baby came into the world almost on time and with minimal fuss. She never even spent any time in hospital at all because she was born at home with a midwife in attendance. Lucky parents! No wonder she’s such a calm and easygoing baby. Much less stress in her introduction to life!

Nothing new to report on the crafts scene here. I’m spinning some more of the Aurelia roving in Tamarillo colours. Half full bobbin so far. I plan to ply it with the Boysenberry Glitter bobbin as soon as it’s finished.

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