Wednesday, December 14, 2005

If It's Wednesday It Must Be...

...sock knitting class tonight. Sigh! We're doing the heel turn tonight. The very hardest part of the sock. I'm thinking positively about this (or trying to). After all, it's not rocket science. We can do this! One more class to go after this one.

We're still somewhat behind on the holiday preparations. No turkey, no tree yet. I've got the suet and scotch oatmeal for my traditional "haggis in a bird" stuffing. Bread crumbs? We don't need no stinkin' bread crumbs! I also need frozen tart shells for the butter tarts. The family likes them much better than mince tarts so that's what I make. And since I'm lousy at pastry, we go for the pre-made shells. Do we actually need cranberry sauce? Does anybody eat it? Why doesn't it come in little mini-cans for the one or two people who actually feel that a turkey dinner isn't complete without this stuff? What edible item can I make from leftover cranberry sauce that isn't too high in carbs? We don't have time to go shopping until Saturday when I'm sure everybody and his grandmother will be at the grocery store too. We need to go early, when the store opens. Nobody else gets up that early on a weekend, right?

I was going to post my finished sachet but, since somebody in my guild may see it, I think I'll keep it to myself until Friday after it's gone to its new home with a guild member. Meanwhile the potpourri smell is driving my sinuses nuts! I didn't have any lavender so I went hunting for what I did have and this one is too perfume-y for me. I'm sure it will be nice at somebody else's house though. Not everybody has such a sensitive shnozz as mine.

Hey, I got some new comments on my blog including one from Darling Daughter! Thanks for posting. Nice to have some readers! Although even if nobody reads this but me, I've done what I wanted — journalled my projects and random thoughts. And kept it up for more than a couple of days or so. I'm happy about that. And DD — I promise not to post any compromising baby pictures, OK? I can't guarantee that I won't put up the one with the food smeared all over your face though! Or how about this one? Love that anticipation.

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