Sunday, December 04, 2005

The More It Snows…

…Tiddly-Pum! With apologies to Winnie-the-Pooh, that’s the song I always sing when it’s snowing. We’ve actually had a smidgen of snow since last Tuesday, which for this area is ages. It’s melting a bit as it lands though because it’s above freezing right now.

This is the view directly out my study window. Not very exciting? That’s my neighbour’s roof and I think it actually makes a nice pattern with the snow on it. Better than a monster house that blocks the light anyhow, which could happen if it gets sold. The land is worth so much more than the house that’s on it especially in this neighbourhood of mostly single family dwellings so close to downtown. There's no way we could afford our place if we hadn't already owned it for 27 years especially because it's a larger-than-normal corner lot. Our house is elderly though — built in 1932. There's some in our block that are quite a bit older and some a lot newer. I like the mix.

I’ve gotten up to the heel flaps on Sis M’s socks. I’ll be holding them at the end of the flap for the class on Wednesday so I can demonstrate the heel turn. The next pair of socks is the ones with the orange stripe in them. These are also demo socks for the class and I haven’t started the second one yet because I think I’ll need to demonstrate that again.

I hope I didn’t knit the leg too tight on this sock while I was watching Spielberg’s War of the Worlds last night! It was really tense action! That was almost a good movie though I think there were one or two fairly major flaws. Why did it seem (though never actually shown) that Ray killed the guy in the basement who was going nuts ostensibly because he was making too much noise when not 2 minutes later his daughter is screaming her head off and he’s yelling for her. And they just kind of sprung the “creeping red roots” thing without any exposition almost like a piece was cut out of the movie at that point. The character of Ray just kind of got swept along by the action which was kind of interesting. He wasn’t a big hero type (more like a jerk actually!) except when he had the presence of mind to bring the grenades with him when he got dragged into the tripod. He and his family had phenomenal luck because they didn’t really survive by doing anything sensible. Pretty much like real life, I think. I could go on, but analyzing action movies is not much of an intellectual exercise. I just watch ‘em. And knit.

OK, I now have something resembling a cold to explain the ear thing. Everything smells funny which is my usual head cold clue, though I’m not streaming but stuffed up. It took almost a week to really develop into anything which is decidedly odd. And Thom has it too. Every winter I get something new and annoying to mess up my most creative time. It can go away now. I’ve got better things to do than be a breeding ground for mutating germs.

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