Saturday, January 14, 2006

So What Happened There?

Well that was a major no-fun day yesterday! I spent most of it (8 hours or so) in the ER with the T-Man. He had an episode of chest pain at work and after his supervisor took him to the first-aid room and gave him oxygen, he took him to Emergency. Luckily it’s only 3 blocks from work so no ambulance was necessary. I can’t tell you how stressed out this breathless phone call I got from my husband made me feel. “I’m in the hospital! I think I’m having a heart attack!” It took me a few tries to get which hospital out of him, though I suspected the one closest to work (but you never know). I decided a cab was not necessarily faster and considerably more expensive so I took the bus. I have very little memory of the bus ride except that I’m sure I just missed one because it took forever to come! Probably only 10 minutes though. Luckily it’s only one bus but a fairly long ride. Of course once I got into the hospital I had no idea even where Emergency was so I asked a nice lady in scrubs (nurse?) who took me right to him where he was still in the waiting room waiting for a bed to free up.

When a bed was available they hooked him up to a monitor and we watched his blood pressure and heart rate slowly relax. They did an EKG, an x-ray, and took 2 rounds of blood. Meanwhile I knitted socks. I think all the staff was smiling about me sitting there beside my husband for hours knitting. I’ll tell you it was the only thing that was keeping me calm! Today of course I’m feeling the effects of knitting for so long and sitting on a backless stool that was too high for my short legs. I don’t recommend this as a way to get a pair of socks done. Nope.

I had to cancel my lunch plans with DD so of course that got her worried. In trying to find out what my cell phone number is she called her brother (the real owner of the cell phone) who of course doesn’t know the number. Got him worried too. She ended up phoning the ER to talk to us. Her dad reassured her that he wasn’t going to pop off any time soon.

And today of course it’s like nothing is wrong. He feels just fine. But he has to take a baby asprin a day and carry around a nitroglycerin spray in case it happens again. Or at least until they can determine what the real problem is. All his tests have been negative so far. Plus he has to get a stress test and more fasting bloodwork done and go see our family doctor. This guy is disgustingly healthy and active. He’s rarely sick and heals quickly. We eat pretty carefully though I think a little too much wine gets consumed around here. There’s no heart disease in his family either. Nobody can figure out what that episode was but at least they’re trying to determine if something is really wrong. Meanwhile we all hope it doesn’t happen again.

Whew! And I’m still not cleaned up for the Dye Day tomorrow. I have a play day with my Spectrum study group today. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit more like vacuuming and cleaning the toilet later this afternoon. Onward!

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Anonymous said...

What a scare! Give our best to the T- man and tell him we hope all tests come back okay.

Thinking of you both, Susan and Bruce