Monday, March 06, 2006

A Lick And A Promise

I've been super busy for the last few days and just haven't had time to get around to posting. I've been shopping up a storm and got (among other items) some sheets and pillowcases for my bed (in black and red!), veggie and flower seeds for the garden, several books and magazines, some new clothes for myself and a few for the T-Man. Yes, I actually found some clothes that I liked and were within my price range (aka cheeeep) at the Bay of all places. Black cotton/lycra seems to be the fabric that attracted me. I got 2 pairs of loose elastic-waisted pants, a little jacket with zips, and a fine-ribbed snap-front cardy that all work together. Plus 2 industrial-strength sports bras for the elliptical trainer and 4 pairs of comfy panties in red, purple, lavender, and black. At another mall outlet I found a couple of long racer-back sleeveless ribbed T's in black and red. I wear these as undershirts in winter, as exercise wear, and as a top in summer and my vintage ones are wearing out. All-in-all much more successful than my usual clothes shopping trips which usually end up me coming home empty-handed or with just one item.

Now I'm making a new database of my seeds collection in my Palm. This will make it really easy to keep track of what I have and what I need next year. I need to get a bunch of things started under the lights in the basement. I rarely plant directly in the garden except for peas and beans because the seedlings just get chomped off as soon as they appear. If they're a few inches tall they have a bit more of a chance to survive. The tomatoes and peppers are allowed to get quite big and even start to flower before they go in the garden. When they run out of room under the lights they graduate to the little cold frame on my deck and thence to the garden when it warms up enough.

I actually harvested a bit out of my garden already. There are several herbs including my lovely rosemary (which is getting ready to bloom), parsley, and chives (garlic and regular) plus quite a few leeks. The purple sprouting broccoli looks too small to do much this year but we'll see. I'll try to plant it earlier this time so it's bigger before it gets cold. It should be at least a foot tall by Halloween and it's barely that now. Some years things don't grow quite as well as others.

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