Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Blatherings

I made the March First challenge deadline for my mermaid doll’s in-progress photo shoot. Here she is with her tail finished. (Yes, both sides!) Her name is Ulva which is sea lettuce. Next up: her arms and hair. Final deadline isn’t until May 1, so she just might be taking a break while I finish up some more things. I have a March 31 deadline for the Complex Weavers Kumihimo spring swap, which is a card embellishment. I only have a couple of weeks to do this and I’m really not inspired in any way. Bummer. It’s not so much fun when you’re doing it just because you feel you have to rather than because you want to.

What else? I’m up to the heel turn on both Ninja Socks. I have to get past that point on at least one of them so I can knit at my fibre arts guild meeting tonight. Mindless knitting is best for meetings. Otherwise I end up making a mistake and having to frog it the next day which makes it kind of pointless.

An interesting thing happened to me today. I was looking all over for my Del Mar fingerless mitts. (You remember those? Burgundy-ish handspun? With sparkles?) And I couldn’t find the darn things anywhere. I hadn’t worn them in a couple of weeks but my hands were cold. I still wanted to knit and the fingerless mitts are perfect for that. So I gave up looking in frustration until T-Man came home from work. I asked him if he had seen them anywhere. No. So I climb the stairs back to my study, turn around once, and scream — there they are on top of the marudai (Japanese braiding stool) in the corner by the closet door. I’d walked past them several times while hunting but didn’t see them. Did I mention that T-Man just has to walk near something to fix it? I think his gift is expanding into Lost-and-Found as well as Fix-It. Shhh…don’t tell anybody or they’ll want to kidnap him to use his gift for their own ends…

Geek Alert! Run. Hide. Cover your eyes, all you techno-peasants.

I did promise to give a review of the new podcasts that I found yesterday. However (do I hear a sigh of relief from you Non-Geeks, assuming you’re still reading?) I didn’t get a chance to listen to more than one. That one was really interesting though! CraftSanity is hosted by Jennifer, who seems to be interested in a wide range of fibre crafts. Her format is an interview with interesting craft people and the Episode 1 that I listened to (over an hour long!) she’s chatting with Regina (aka Linoleum Lady) the artist behind Monster Crochet. It was a very thoughtful discussion about art/craft and where it fits in our lives and a lot more. Regina’s work is very….ummm…shall we say, odd. But too cool! If you don’t get how to subscribe to podcasts, you can just click on the link to hear the MP3 audio. Or right-click and download it to your computer first and then click on the filename to bring up your resident player. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the episodes. There’s 6 up to the end of February including my old buddy John Murphy of Stupid Sock Creatures fame. Jennifer has been a busy lady! That’s a lot of podcasts in only a month or so.

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