Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Bunch Of Stuff

Nothing is terribly exciting today. Still putting beads on Mu Ni, the Celestial Moon Doll. She has more around her face now and a bit of a headdress. Here’s an in-progress photo as she lolls about on a bed of beads:

I’m feeling a bit guilty at having so many socks on the go that I’ve delayed starting the next pair until I finish either Lace Leaf or Jaywalker. They’re both stuck at just about the same place — just above the heel. I can’t even find the pattern for Jaywalker that I have printed out somewhere. Luckily if I’m stuck, it’s still available online. Of course, needless to say I haven’t actually done any knitting on either of these pairs of socks.

I have been knitting on the Lichen Shell that I started last week. I’m about 6 inches up from the bottom and on my second of 5 balls of yarn. My knitting looks kind of sloppy but then I never was a very even knitter. Probably why I spent so long using handspun yarn exclusively! It hides a multitude of sins because you can always blame it on the yarn instead of your bad tension. This is pretty easygoing knitting though. I can do it while reading email. I only have to worry about the single rows of lace front and back and the increases at the sides every 12th round. Otherwise it’s plain ol’ knittin’.

My dye study group Spectrum is coming over here on Saturday, which means that I have to beat down the killer dust bunnies and scoop up the kitty litter that my extra-toed cats seem to track everywhere. My friends aren’t overly fussy but it’s a good excuse to muck out the stable every once in awhile. Of course we also create stuff together which leaves yet another mess, but that’s ok. That's the whole point! Besides they do help tidy up to a certain extent. I thought we might play with some of the techniques in the dye painting book that I talked about on my Blogiversary post. It’s a bit different than the monoprinting and stamping we’ve been doing recently. More serendipitous and playful.

The group has actually been a bit lacking in enthusiasm lately. We’re all very different people who get very different things out of our crafts. Only one of us sells her work, two of us sell our expertise by teaching others, and the rest are just along for the fibre play, the camaraderie and the yummy lunches. Oh wait — we’re ALL along for the last 3 items! Plus we solve all the world’s problems every month during our discussions. Too bad nobody pays any attention to a bunch of older ladies, hey? The world would be a better place, I’m sure.

So the question is: how do we regain some fresh excitement and enthusiasm? We already have a theme for this year. We have to use at least some of the fabrics we’ve been dyeing, printing, and stamping and make “Something” to show at the September guild meeting. Just to prove we actually do things other than knit and eat and chat. I plan to make a new shoulder bag or backpack for summer. My felted wool bag is wonderful (and elicits a lot of comments and compliments) but it’s too warm for spring and summer use. I actually get sweaty underneath it. And my old commercially-made nylon backpack is great for shopping and holds a ton of stuff, but it’s boring and sometimes too big and bulky. I have a few ideas but I think I need some more coordinating fabric, hence the plan for Saturday. Besides I need to use up some of my old Pebeo Transparent fabric paints because they’re starting to dry out. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Right now I have to go find some of the stuff I need for my Beginner Spinners class tonight. The theme is Fibre Prep, so we need hand cards, wool combs, fleece locks for combing, and a bunch more stuff. Of course now you can buy wool already washed and prepared for you so you don’t have to start with stinky raw fleece like in the Olden Days. I do love the smell of freshly shorn fleece though. And it feels so wonderful on your hands. It’s harder to come by these days unless you know of a farmer with the right kind of sheep and can get an early heads-up on shearing day. The best fleeces always go first. Or the wise shepherd saves it for herself! Anyway I feel that my students need to know what to do if a raw fleece comes their way some day.

In honour of Blogger allowing me to post pictures today, we’ll include this one from Monday of me and Granddaughter playing “Hang the Wine Glass Charms”. Hard to believe she’ll be 2 in a couple of months. Still not talking much though. Must be genes from the other side of the family. This side can't shut up!

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