Friday, May 12, 2006

No Fair!

Is it fair that I should have the second day of a migraine AND an allergy-caused sinus sniffle and post nasal drip on the same day! No of course not. But that’s what I’ve got and I’m not happy about it. My face hurts. My head hurts. There is no pill that I’ve tried that helps. Poo.

Meanwhile I managed to drag myself out to a sushi lunch with Darling Daughter and Her Fiancé. They were paying as my Mother’s Day prezzie so how could I refuse? It was a lovely lunch and visit. We always say we should do it more often, but since they have a mortgage they can just barely afford, eating out is rare these days. Just as well too since they both could afford to lose some weight for health reasons. That’s hard to do on fast food, even sushi. Although it’s lower in calories it’s high in carbs from the white rice. I have to have some every so often though. Too yummy.

If you haven’t seen it, yet go check out the Beltane issue of AntiCraft. (Link is on my sidebar.) The Doll Parts are priceless! The recipe for worm-shit tea is also excellent and very timely. And notice how they have a version of the song that I used on May Day/Beltane. I personally dispensed with the fire leaping however, though the safety tips are to be taken seriously.

Short blog post today and busy tomorrow and Sunday, though I may be able to squeeze a post in. We'll see.

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