Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Breath of Fresh Air

Picked my first tomato from the greenhouse today and it’s a yellow Taxi! It’s somewhat cooler today and I’m happy that my brain is still unmelted — though it was a near thing over the weekend. I was able to get more done today because I wasn’t breaking a sweat every time I thought about moving a muscle. I don’t do heat. Come to think of it, I don’t do cold either. I’m a Canadian West Coast seaside kind of girl. Moderating effects of the ocean and the Japan Current, doncha know.

We had a lovely family barbeque on the deck last evening after my son and daughter-in-law came back from the movies. T-Man even brought his mom over after he finished work and the 3 of us played with the granddaughter while we waited for her parents. The poor little thing is all covered in owies from muskie-toe bites she got on her recent holiday at a Thetis Island resort. She looks like she has chicken pox but that’s so last-year (where it took her many many months to heal the last pock). Now it turns out she’s not only attractive to those pesky biters just like her dear old dad, but she’s really sensitive as well. Plus she scratches furiously when you’re not looking. If you tell her to stop you get her favourite word, “No!” It’ll be her second birthday in a couple of weeks and she’s going to still look pretty bad by then. Guaranteed to haunt her in the party photos forever more. Oi-yoi-yoi! (To quote my French-Canadian sis-in-law.)

I still haven’t run out of the Sea Socks yarn for her second pair of socks, but it’s going to be a near thing. When they’re done I have to get serious and finish the Pomatomus socks. They’ve been laying around taking up valuable knitting box space for too long. After that it’s the September 2006 version of my daughter and daughter-in-law’s birthday socks. I’ve had hints for a slight modification of DD’s socks to fit better and of course she’s already dyed the wool so she knows what she’s getting already. DIL’s will take a little more thought as to which yarn to use. I have to ask if her first pair need any mods before I start, though both of them have pretty similarly shaped and sized feet. I would like them to fit well enough to be worn!

In spite of a passed deadline to post a process pic, I haven’t put one single bead on poor Angel-Thing yet. But that’s ok. I’m not going to obsess over deadlines and UFOs right now. Don’t need any stress to complicate my life. As usual, I just plug away on things as it occurs to me, just going with the flow, until either the project is done or it becomes a TOAD. All creative people have a few TOADs lurking around. It’s part of the price of being creative. Now that I keep a book with info on all my finished projects, I can actually see that in spite of all the UFOs around, I actually do complete stuff. Eventually.

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